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Digital Aerospace Engineering Technologies, Inc.
Updated: April 15, 2013

Aviate, Navigate & Communicate are the three, indisputable, prioritized statutes of flight; whether piloting a commercial airliner, a military fighter, a helicopter or general aviation trainer.

With digital flight directors and flight management systems, global positioning systems and VHF/HF and Satellite Data-links, the distinction between Information technology and Aerospace technology has become indistinguishable, in fact, some would argue, codependent. Behind the scenes, information technology governs how aerospace hardware is designed, deployed, maintained and supported in the field with the scope of the aerospace sciences expanded to range from conceptual design to decommissioning and disposal.

With the increasing complexity of onboard and ground based systems; design, planning, produceability, reliability, maintenance, support and operations have also grown dramatically in detail and complexity. Back of the envelope calculations, rules of thumb and seat of the pants aviation have given way to Computer Aided Design/Manufacturing, detailed reliability, maintenance and operations analysis, computer simulation, computer based training, real time data acquisition systems and a myriad of information driven test, analysis, surveillance and management tools to support modern aviation.

The future of aviation ensures that the lines between ground based and airborne systems will become increasingly blurred as the marriage between information technology and aerospace matures and an Aviation Internet takes flight.

Digital Aerospace Engineering Technologies, Inc. is committed to lead the way in 21st century aerospace with a passion for aviation and a dedication to safety of flight.

Our Mission

Digital Aerospace Engineering Technologies, Inc. will provide products and services that improve the quality of life for its consumers; shaping society and setting the direction for future technologies in the aerospace sciences. We strive to excel as an aggressive technology based innovator cultivating an environment of creativity and innovation. We will hold customer satisfaction in highest regard, effectively managing the difficult balance of quality, speed and economy without sacrificing ethics or safety.

Company Profile

Digital Aerospace Engineering Technologies, Inc (DaeTech) . is dedicated to providing a wide range of engineering, technical and consulting services to the aerospace industry locally in the Washington DC metropolitan area and nation-wide. We are located in Rockville, Maryland with a commitment to providing the highest quality of engineering consulting services to our clients. DaeTech provides individual, field consulting services and Aviation Safety training in the Aerospace and System Safety disciplines ranging in scope from Engineering and Engineering Support in Aircraft Design, Airworthiness Compliance, Maintenance, Modification, Repair and Overhaul to Application Development/Programming, Analysis and Simulation in engineering data driven applications and enterprise data management solutions. DaeTech is a registered trade name for Digital Aerospace Engineering Technologies, Inc., a Colorado corporation having offices at 805 Montrose Road, Rockville, Maryland 20852.

  • Aerodynamic Analysis
  • Operational Concept Definition
  • Operational Safety Assessment
  • Systems Engineering Analysis
  • Functional Hazard Assessment
  • Operational Procedures Development
  • Data Mining and Data Systems Integration
  • Aircraft Qualification and Certification
  • Safety and Performance Requirements Analysis
  • Technical Proposal Development
  • Air travel is arguably the safest mode of transportation, on a per mile basis, with the aerospace industry representing a driving economic force in the United States contributing to more than $1 trillion annually to local, state and national economies. The stability of the aviation economy is fundamentally driven by the safety and reliability of air transportation and air commerce. Safety in Aviation begins with a Safe aircraft, but continuous operational safety is provided through a multi-tiered safety strategy encompassing pilot training and qualifications, rigorous aircraft maintenance and Type Design conformity, Airspace Design and operational procedures and an Air Traffic Control system that is second to none in the world. The Air Traffic Control System includes a complex ground Radar surveillance infrastructure, highly automated computer information systems, thorough Air traffic control procedures and an army of highly trained Air Traffic Controllers manning the scopes from coast to coast providing a range of services to as many as 8,000 aircraft that may be airborne at any one time in the National Airspace System. DaeTech knows SAFETY.

    Our ultimate goal is to establish a niche in the introduction of new technologies in Aircraft Design and automation and integration into National Aerospace System.

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    DaeTech is a registered tradename of Digital Aerospace Engineering Technologies, Inc. A Colorado Corporation.
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